RMIT HDR Media and Communication Non-Traditional Research Outputs

Posted on 30.09.2021 - 23:13
This collection brings together both the research statements and the creative outputs of numerous RMIT Higher Degree Research students undertaking creative practice research within the School of Media and Communication. The aim of the collection - which will be added to over time - is to record and celebrate the non-traditional research outputs by HDR candidates, and to bring attention to the intellectual underpinnings behind these outputs.


Collyer, Emilie; Amerena, Dominic; Carson, Anne M.; Singleton, Hollen; Amsterdam, Steven; Shu, EJ (2021): RMIT HDR Media and Communication Non-Traditional Research Outputs. RMIT University. Collection.
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Emilie Collyer
Dominic Amerena
Anne M. Carson
Hollen Singleton
Steven Amsterdam
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