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FAIR and Open Non-Traditional Research Outputs

Posted on 2023-09-25 - 06:04

This exploratory project investigates how current academic library practice related to FAIR principles are applied to research outputs such as software and other NTROs (e.g. film, creative writing, website design), including areas where there are opportunities to improve or expand practice related to the application of the FAIR principles to NTROs. The project also explores how the CARE principles should be applied to these outputs. The project situates the role of the academic library in the broader Open Research landscape and explores how the library’s work relates to the work of other bodies both within and beyond the researcher’s institution. The project also produces a framework that provides guidance for CAUL Member institutions about how to increase the proportion of NTROs by Australian university researchers that are appropriately described, archived, preserved and made accessible. 

This collection brings together the three sets of interviews that were undertaken in 2022 as part of the project.


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