RMIT University
Albert completed his Bachelor of Arts at Tianjin University in 2018. In October 2020, Albert started his PhD journey at the Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials (CISM) under the supervision of Distinguished Professor Mike Xie and Dr Ting-Uei Lee. Albert's active research areas include structural topology optimisation, computational design, mixed reality, geometry processing and advanced manufacturing.


  • Design and construction of kinetic structures based on elastica strips
  • Smoothing topology optimization results using pre-built lookup tables
  • Continuous contour-zigzag hybrid toolpath for large format additive manufacturing
  • Creating novel furniture through topology optimization and advanced manufacturing
  • iBESO: An interactive topology optimization design tool
  • Interactive Structural Topology Optimization with Subjective Scoring and Drawing Systems
  • Topology optimisation considering subjective preferences: current progress and challenges
  • Design and construction of catenary-ruled surfaces
  • VR-BESO: A VR-based structural design tool

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