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Digital Sales Transformation: What are the Consequences of the Evolution of Digital Technologies on the B2B Sales Function?

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posted on 2024-06-03, 03:47 authored by Mark Micallef
The adoption of digital technologies has radically changed the B2B sales process. Various digital technologies including CRM, social media, mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, and digital platforms now play an important role in modern selling practice. However, previous literature provides relatively mixed and even paradoxical insights into the consequences of digital technology adoption for sales organizations and their customers. Therefore, the aim of this study is to explore how the evolution digital technologies has transformed the sales function, including its consequences for salespeople, managers, and the organization. This thesis is based on three original papers, that include one literature review and two empirical studies. The empirical studies are based on 59 qualitative interviews in the Australian building industry and examine digital technology adoption inside sales organizations and within business networks. The findings show 1. how the sales function has evolved because of digital technologies, 2. How the consequences of these changes impact actors at different levels within sales organizations, and 3. How the consequences impact firms at the network level. This study contributes to the sales management and digital transformation literatures by providing a more holistic understanding of the diverse consequences of digital technology adoption in sales


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