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Measuring, monitoring and translating urban liveability in Bangkok: Final Research Report

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posted on 2022-07-11, 00:21 authored by Amanda AldertonAmanda Alderton, Carl HiggsCarl Higgs, Kornsupha Nitvimol, Melanie DavernMelanie Davern, Joana Correia, Iain Butterworth, Hannah BadlandHannah Badland

This final research report describes findings from a partnership project aimed to further refine knowledge of context-specific liveability in a rapidly urbanising low-to-middle income city context (Bangkok, Thailand), and generate indicators that can be applied to low-to-middle income cities and other contexts. Activities included developing a suite of 65 liveability indicators aligned to the SDGs, housed in a webbased portal, as well as creating and sharing capacity building resources and tools to support

ongoing use of the indicators.

This project demonstrated proof-of-concept that open source data can be used to create liveability indicators for Bangkok when local spatial data are not available. Indicators can be updated over time by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration through the Spatial Urban Indicators Framework developed for this project.


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