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How green urban precincts can revitalise Melbourne post COVID-19

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posted on 24.03.2021, 06:00 by Thami CroeserThami Croeser, Todd Denham, Louise DorignonLouise Dorignon, Ali Moradi Amani
This paper was written by researchers affiliated with RMIT’s Urban Futures Enabling Capability Platform as part of RMIT’s Greener Start Initiative to inform policy makers and the wider community on opportunities to develop integrated urban precincts for a greener Melbourne.

The defining feature of the green urban precincts studied was the additional benefits that result from approaching urban challenges at this intermediate scale, to create more efficient energy systems, resilient urban infrastructure and mitigate environmental impacts.

The precincts included in the research provided examples of how intersections between the private sector and public agencies have resulted in innovative, mixed-use precincts.

The result is a set of practical recommendations for policy, planning, urban development, energy efficiency and governance, with insights for Victorian government’s ‘20-minute neighborhood’ policy, as well as the increasing interest in similar concepts internationally.


RMIT University, ECP Urban Futures