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Community profiling methodology

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posted on 2022-01-22, 08:16 authored by Serene Ho, Darryn McEvoyDarryn McEvoy
This research leveraged existing UN-Habitat instances of community profiling surveys (such as the survey being used in Fiji and partly deployed in Koa Hill), which were then refined for use in the Honiara context. The goal was to design a survey that is both quick and effective, elicits information on critical issues of vulnerability to climate change and natural hazards, is fit for local purpose, and can be considered together with other sources of socio-economic information (e.g. collected by the national Census). It also attempted to leverage / integrate with existing Government geospatial datasets.

The RMIT team also supported the implementation and analysis of the survey. It achieved this through identifying suitable enumerators (in consultation with SI Ministries and Honiara City Council) and sourcing appropriate technology platforms to collect and process the data, with a view toward interoperability with other datasets. The analysis of the data was conducted in Melbourne, providing a broad profile of the community that can be used as input into other components of the Climate Resilient Honiara project, as well as other climate-related decision-making.


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