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Understanding LGBTQA+SB suicidal behaviour and improving support: insight from intersectional lived experience - Launch presentation

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posted on 2023-09-07, 04:56 authored by Katherine JohnsonKatherine Johnson

This is the launch of SPA funded research that aimed to facilitate better policy and service responses to LGBTIQA+ suicidal behaviour in Australia, the project has two aims: 1. To generate new insights into lived experiences of suicidal behaviour within LGBTIQA+ communities, including First Nations LGBTIQA+SB people and LGBTIQA+POC in Australia. 2.To better understand the factors that influence and protect against suicidal behaviour in LGBTIQA+SB communities, and the practices and services experienced as helpful and supportive to prevent or manage it. Twenty LGBTQA+SB adults were recruited from across Australia with participants located in Queensland, Victoria, NSW, Western Australia and South Australia. Sampling sought to capture a range of experiences of suicidality and social supports and reflect the diversity of the LGBTIQA+ community in terms of gender identity, sexuality and age, with particular emphasis on recruitment of First Nations LGBTQA+SB participants and LGBTQA+POC. In total, 3 First Nations LGBTQA+SB people, 7 LGBTQA+ POC and 10 LGBTQA+ people were interviewed as part of the study. Thematic analysis was applied to identify similarities and differences between each of the 3 groups (First Nations LGBTQA+SB people, LGBTQA+POC, and LGBTQA+ individuals). Key findings are presented and recommendations are made for improving policy and practice including delivering affirmative support, improving community responses, increasing knowledge and skill through training, and for future research. The presentation also offers insight into the training material that will be run by Switchboard.


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