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Treasures of the Peter Corrigan Collection

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posted on 09.09.2020, 04:03 by Sam Gibbard
Peter Corrigan was one half of Edmond and Corrigan, "an Australian architectural firm based in Melbourne, Victoria, founded in the late 1970s by partners Maggie Edmond and Peter Corrigan, the firm's principals. The practice's work, both built and written, has been widely associated with the emergence of architectural postmodernism in Australia, an interest in suburbia and a search for an Australian architectural identity. Peter Corrigan taught design studios at RMIT University for over 30 years" [Wikipedia].

Peter Corrigan's extensive collection of books and periodicals related to architecture and design was left to RMIT University Library after his death. This brief report gives context to who Corrigan was and highlights some of the "treasures" of the collection.