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ACE Anti-Nuclear Activist Archive

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posted on 12.05.2020, 01:42 by Sam Gibbard

The ACE Nuclear Free Collective is the longest running campaign at FOE, and has worked for over forty years researching, educating and actively campaigning on nuclear issues. Their aim is to protect people and the environment from damage by the nuclear industry and promote safe, clean and sustainable energy solutions.

ACE Nuclear Free Collective hosts events and workshops to promote a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons, to amplify the voices of Indigenous communities directly impacted by the nuclear industry and to educate people about nuclear and peace issues. Every second year, they coordinate the Radioactive Exposure tour of nuclear sites, taking a large group of supporters out on country to see the reality of uranium mining, the legacy of nuclear weapons testing and the threat of proposed nuclear waste dumps. They also sponsor The Radioactive Show on 3CR community radio to share stories and cover news on the nuclear free movement from Australia and around the world.

Remarkably, the collective kept and maintained this significant archive related to the groups’ activities from almost the beginning.

Over the last three years, a volunteer archiving project has been quietly running in the background, cataloguing this massive 40-year history of the collective.

The collection comprises of approx. 110+ boxes of pamphlets, periodicals/newsletters, minute books, correspondence and other unique manuscript material, as well as a large amount of audio-visual material (photographs, film, and sound). Basic box, folder and item level description has been entered into a text searchable document that will serve as a usable catalogue to access the material. The project is very nearly finished, and the catalogue is well over 300 pages.

Significant subjects and campaigns covered in this archive include: Roxby Downs Blockade, Maralinga, Jabiluka, as well as continual efforts to fight against the establishment of nuclear power stations within Australia, and a national/international waste dump.

Throughout the course of this project, The ACE Collective were able to offer volunteer opportunities for RMIT library students to gain valuable work experience. We would like to acknowledge the hard work of: AC Hunter, Matthew Hall, Laura Bligh, Sam Stolke, Alice Barry, Sheeneez Mutheeu, Keren Moskal, Caitlyn Grant and Judy Chandley.

The long-term plan is that this material will be moved to the State Library of Victoria or similar institution once cataloguing is complete. An exhibition about the collection will also be held in the coming months to celebrate the completion of the archiving project, as well as exhibit some of the rare and unique items within it.

If you are interested to know more about this project, or to access it for research purposes, or you have any items which you may want to donate to the archive, contact Sam Gibbard direct.

Digitised video content available below in Youtube Channel Link.