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RMIT Project Space / Spare Room Gallery Collection

posted on 27.05.2020, 02:54 by Verity Hayward, Andrew Tetzlaff
This collection comprises of electronic versions of catalogues related to exhibitions held in these two spaces between 2000-2018.

Zip files contain the scanned catalogues. There is an accompanying spreadsheet.

Australia's RMIT University is ranked 16th in the world for art and design, which positions it as the top art school in the country. The School of Art fosters innovative and diverse art practice and research within visual art, fine art, public art, and arts management

PROJECT SPACE is a gallery that links prominent exemplars of practice-based research with Melbourne’s creative communities through a dynamic program of contemporary art projects. Housed in RMIT University's Building 94, it runs a dynamic program of exhibitions and events from February to December.

SPARE ROOM is a gallery space adjacent to PROJECT SPACE in RMIT's Building 94. Both of these gallery programs are aligned such that exhibitions launch and run together and are often conceptually linked. SPARE ROOM acts as a small space for large ideas—it is a keyhole into a rich variety of potential conversations, from blue skies to deep dives.