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Creating Liveable Cities 1 - Essays from The Conversation

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posted on 2021-08-24, 01:25 authored by Katherine MurrayKatherine Murray, Melanie DavernMelanie Davern
A collection of essays by Australian Urban Observatory researchers describing the relationship between urban planning and public health and the impacts of this on Australian communities.

Creating Liveable Cities 1: RMIT Centre for Urban Research -Essays from The Conversation

Table of Contents
Mapping COVID-19 spread in Melbourne shows link to job types and ability to stay home
Coronavirus reminds us how liveable neighbourhoods matter for our well-being
The average regional city resident lacks good access to two-thirds of community services, and liveability suffers
No need to give up on crowded cities – we can make density so much better
It’s easy to get us walking more if we have somewhere to walk to near our home and work
Of all the problems our cities need to fix, lack of car parking isn’t one of them
Living ‘liveable’: this is what residents have to say about life on the urban fringe
Working out what makes a good community where young children can thrive
Melbourne or Sydney? This is how our two biggest cities compare for liveability
The world’s ‘most liveable city’ title isn’t a measure of the things most of us actually care about
Rail access improves liveability, but all regional centres are not equal
This is why health has to be at the heart of the New Urban Agenda
This is how to create social hubs that make 20-minute neighbourhoods work
How do we turn a drain into valued green space? First, ask the residents
Some suburbs are beingshort-changed on Services and liveability –which ones and what’s the solution?
This is what our cities need to do to be truly liveable for all
Higher-density cities need greening to stay healthy and liveable
Your local train station can predict health and death
How do we create liveable cities? First, we must work out the key ingredients
Lonely over Christmas: a snapshot of social isolation in the suburbs
Death by suburban sprawl: better urban planning will combat sedentary lifestyles