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Hyperimmune bovine colostrum containing lipopolysaccharide antibodies (Imm124-E) increases the relative abundance of beneficial bacteria in mice

posted on 26.04.2022, 05:35 authored by Rachele GoreRachele Gore, Mitra Mohsenipour, Elisa Hill-Yardin, Ashley FranksAshley Franks, Jennifer WoodJennifer Wood, Gayathri Balasuriya
We fed mice a hyperimmune bovine colostrum solution rich in lipopolysaccharide antibodies from cows vaccinated against a number of ETEC. Mouse weights and consumption were recorded during the feeding protocol and anatomical measures were obtained at the end of the experiment. We conducted 16s amplicon sequencing to analyse bacteria from the caecum, colonic mucosa and faeces of mice to examine the onset and magnitude of changes to gut bacteria resulting from this treatment.

This dataset includes the solution consumption data, mouse weights, anatomical measurements, metadata file, FASTQ files from 16s amplicon sequencing (V3-V4 region, MiSeq) and the BioProject and sequence accession numbers


How the gut nervous system interacts with bacteria

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