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Developing tools to monitor and report on urban liveability in diverse global contexts - 2023-07-17 - redacted sensitive information.csv (15.95 kB)

Global Healthy and Sustainable City Indicators open science toolkit - software development participant requirements survey de-identified responses

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posted on 2023-12-15, 03:54 authored by Carl HiggsCarl Higgs

These data were collected as part of a baseline survey of participant co-researchers involved in an action research study informing development of an open science toolkit for planning, analysis and reporting on policy and spatial indicators for healthy and sustainable cities in diverse urban contexts. Specifically, the toolkit was designed to support participation in the Global Observatory of Healthy and Sustainable Cities' 1000 Cities Challenge.


What cost-effective built environment interventions would create healthy, liveable and equitable communities in Australia?

National Health and Medical Research Council

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