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Australian public lending library locations (2016-2018)

posted on 2023-01-24, 08:19 authored by Carl HiggsCarl Higgs

An historical database of libraries around Australia based on official sources for  each state compiled in 2016 by Carl Higgs for analysis in the Creating Liveable Cities report [1], and updated in 2018 using then available data for use in the Australian National Liveability Study [2].  Where data were not publicly available, or recent (at that time), contact was made to request the data.  The CSV file contains harmonised data including coordinates in WGS84 EPSG 4326 and features the following fields (only with values where applicable and present in the source data or other-wise derived such as coordinates via geocoding, or added for metadata documentation of data source): 

ID,Library,Address,Suburb,State,Postcode,Type,Holdings,latitude,longitude,year,geocode notes,Catchment,source_publisher,source_url,source_description,source_licence,source_retrieval_date.


Data sources and details are described in metadata.yml

[1]: Arundel J, Lowe M, Hooper P, Roberts R, Rozek J, Higgs C, Giles-Corti B. Creating liveable cities in Australia: Mapping urban policy implementation and evidence-based national liveability indicators2017 5 January 2018. Available from: https://apo.org.au/node/113921.


[2]: Higgs C, Rozek J, Roberts R, Both A, Arundel J, Lowe M, Hooper P, Villanueva K, Simons K, Mavoa S, Gunn L, Badland H, Davern M, Giles-Corti B. The Australian National Liveability Study 2018 datasets: spatial urban liveability indicators for 21 cities. Healthy Liveable Cities Lab, RMIT University, figshare, https://doi.org/10.25439/rmt.15001230 (2022).


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