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2011 UK Riots Tweets

posted on 16.06.2020, 06:57 by Philip Pond
Collection of tweets captured at the time of the 2011 UK Riots.


This collection is only partial, retrieved via the streaming API. The data provides a historical record of public discussion on Twitter during a significant social happening. It also represents a useful resources for experimentation and methodological development. The data is both a social and an informational resource, enabling the analysis of a significant social event and the development/application of computational tools for, among other aims, natural language processing, information retrieval, meta data analysis. In addition to the principle collection of tweets (UK Riots Database), a sub-collection has been extracted that includes only the geo-tagged tweets. Finally, these databases are stored on MongoDB and are made queryable using a special interface (see the UK Riots Database for access and instructions) that allows queries to be stored in another dataset, shared, and re-executed.